I offer ceremonies, such as Cacao, Rapé and Sananga. I was introduced to these ancient plant medicines during my travels in South America. My goal is to honor these traditions, as well as preserving and spreading their core values. I would like to make these traditions understandable, sensible and digestible for everyone, and spread their message about the right use of plant medicine, with respect and consideration, as well as in the right spirit and in moderation. I combine my ceremonies with meditation, breathwork, movement, sound bath and creative explorations. In my ceremonies, we often co-create art; we play music, dance and paint together, to give and take space for self-expression.

Conscious Clubbing Concept

An alternative to clubbing in the form of an ecstatic dance experience with live DJ’s and live musicians joining together to create the music, while the participants are also welcome to be a part of the music by using the many instruments that we provide. Our fuel is ceremonial cacao for the night, and we often have live VJ’s contributing to create high vibrations. This event is for those who wish to explore their movements and expressions without alcohol involved.