I present different types of musical performances. I play melancholic concerts with guitar&vocals, as well as electronic music performances. In my electroacoustic live looping performances I harmonize synths with meditative organic instruments, together with beats and deep bass lines, and I sing ancient melodies and lyrics from all around the world. My goal is to make the healing properties of music and sound available and digestible for all kinds of people. I often collaborate with a live VJ to create a journey for all the senses with psychedelic vibes.

Take a look at my projects here, to see, hear and feel the vibe.

Sound Bath

Your only task is to lie down or sit comfortably, and to listen to the sounds and melodies. With instruments from all around the world, you will be bathed in meditative sounds, ancient melodies and medicine songs from different cultures and traditions. The aim is deep relaxation. Some of the instruments that can be played: didgeridoo, hang drum, flutes, kalimba, thunder drum, shaman drum, gong, singing bowls, wind bells, angel harp, mouth harp, guitar, vocals… This tool can be offered both individually and for groups.

Intuitive Music Circle

Satsang can mean “gathering together for the truth” or “associating with good people” in Sanskrit, originated in India. For us, this means that we gather to sing together and connect through music. Because everybody can create music, no matter the musical experience! After a short warm-up for the body and the voice, we will experiment with making sounds and creating rhythms. We will sing and play mantras, folk songs and medicine songs from different cultures and traditions. There are absolutely no expectations about having any experience in music for attending this session. Bring your favorite instrument if you wish to!

The Power of Your Voice

In today’s society, we barely use our voices anymore. The general expectation is not to shout, speak too loudly, or laugh too much. Our ancestors had a much stronger connection to their voices and thus to the power that it holds. Do we know our voice at all?! Getting to know the quality and the power of our voices is the aim of this session. We will approach singing and music in a playful way, where nothing is right or wrong. To begin, we need to build up the foundations first, by finding support in the body and in the breath. We will then be able to experiment with our voices. We will let our ancestors, who used sound as the main means of communication around the fire, inspire us. We will support our voices with simple rhythm instruments and a guitar. Bring your favorite instrument if you have any!

Individual Music / Singing Lessons

The aim is to guide you on finding your own unique way to music, by showing you a big variety of instruments and ways of taking part in playing music. Everybody have the right to play music, and to be able to express themselves through music without any shame! I want to help you to find your favorite instrument(s), whether it is the guitar, drums, piano, flutes, meditative instruments or your voice. I have a lot of instruments that you can try, and I can guide you step by step on your path into the world of being an active participant in music. The way we are going to approach this is INTUITIVE, and you can decide how much music theory you want to learn. No obligations, no rules, just pure musical enjoyment!