Intuitive Music Lessons

Music is for everyone, and there is no need for strict rules or exams for a child to be able to learn to play music. On these intuitive music lessons, the child will be introduced to different instruments, and can choose one as a main instrument, and another one as a secondary instrument. The child will learn basic music theory, to be able to understand basic rhythms, notes and chords. The child can choose which songs she/he wants to learn, and if she/her wants to perform these for her/his family members or friends. In addition, she/he will also be showed how to improvise and play music together with others. These music lessons can both be conducted individually, for siblings or for smaller groups.

Yoga for Children

Yoga for children is fun, entertaining, yet calming. It is a combination of games where the child can move her/his body, breathe deeply, learn focusing her/his mind, and last but not least have fun in the process. Yoga can be taught to children both individually and in groups.